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CONSIDER THIS: Improving a little, maybe

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The new obesity stats are out and the good news is Mississippi is not at the top of the list. The bad news is there are now more states with obesity rates above 35%.

Last year two states had adult obesity rates above 35 percent and that number has now grown to three: Arkansas, West Virginia and Mississippi. Louisiana is not far behind at 34.9%.

But don’t be deceived, Mississippi’s obesity rate actually grew, it’s just that other states grew more.

Consider This:

Obesity is a serious issue across the entire country, every state has obesity rates about 20 percent, but southern states are the worst and that has a huge impact on our healthcare.

Nine of the 10 states with the highest type 2 diabetes rates are in the South. It’s the same story with hypertension; southern states top the chart.

There are two things we can do immediately to address this health epidemic; eat less and exercise.  It’s that simple.

Do you really need to supersize that order? No. Be deliberate. Reduce your portion sizes and get out and start your exercising by simply walking.

Next year when the report is released we need to continue moving down list but we also need to reduce our percentage. Eating less and exercising more will help make that happen. 

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