CONSIDER THIS: Teachers are important - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Teachers are important

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Most of us would agree that talented teachers play an important, positive role in helping students develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

Not every state, however, is able to recruit the best and brightest. A recent study by WalletHub ranked the best teaching opportunities in the U.S.and  Mississippi, once again, falls near the bottom of the list.

It’s probably not surprising, but WalletHub found most educators don’t pursue their profession for the money. They say teachers across the U.S. are shortchanged every year — their salaries consistently fail to keep up with inflation — while the law demands they produce better students.

WalletHub reports it’s not just compensation related, other problems persist in the academic environment. Many teachers say they feel overwhelmed, ineffective, and unsupported and that leads to a high turnover rate.

Consider This:

Many communities across Mississippi struggle to recruit good teachers, however, good teachers are critical to the future of Mississippi. We can do better.

The state ranks poorly on a lot of lists, however, if we work to improve our educational system it creates a ripple effect.

Better opportunities for teachers will mean a quality education for students, and that ultimately leads to improved rankings and a better Mississippi for all of us.

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