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Jackson State reacts to Ole Miss flag vote

Jackson State University is one of three Mississippi public universities not flying the state flag. Alcorn State and Mississippi Valley are the other two.

"Why would we fly that flag here?" asked JSU NAACP President Natalie Nicholson.

Many students referenced the negative perception of the flag, specifically the Confederate battle symbol in the top corner.

"I actually take a lot of pride in seeing the Jackson State flag flown instead of the Mississippi flag because of that emblem," noted student Jeremy Anderson.

The Ole Miss student senate vote is encouraging to the students at Jackson State who are fighting to get the flag down across the state.

"Knowing the history of Ole Miss, if they can open up their minds to things like that, I believe the nation could open up their minds," explained Nicholson. "And the state of Mississippi should be more open minded."

That Tuesday vote is non-binding. The Ole Miss administration would have to make any official change. But it should be noted that state law only says the flag "may" be displayed at public buildings, not "shall". There would not be a penalty for taking the flag down. Still, JSU students look at the vote as a step towards bigger change.

"It does a lot for the momentum, having politicians going towards taking it down," added Anderson.

Meanwhile, some students are asking Mississippians to study up on the history of the flag before they form an opinion in the controversial debate.

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