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CONSIDER THIS: Ole Miss Students are the Real Leaders

Ole Miss Student leaders voted to remove the Mississippi flag from their campus. It doesn’t mean the flag is coming down; school leaders have to make that ultimate decision, but it is an important step in the process.

Consider This:

It’s interesting, and refreshing, that the next generation gets it and they are the ones providing the real leadership on this issue. They are stepping up, charting their own course and breaking down barriers that have plagued this state for far too long.

They realize the flag is offensive and divisive to many of their friends and fellow students. And that it sends a message to the rest of the world that Mississippi hasn’t progressed and its racist past is alive and well.

Replacing the flag is one of many steps that will help us become a better Mississippi. Hopefully Ole Miss Administrators will follow the lead of student government and remove the flag. It would certainly give Ole Miss an edge in student recruiting.

However, I doubt other Mississippi colleges and universities want Ole Miss to have that competitive advantage. If the flag does come down at Ole Miss, maybe that one action will lead to the removal of the flag at all colleges across the state.

The flag will eventually change. Decisions like the one made this week in Oxford put us one step closer to seeing that happen. 

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