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The presidential election is getting a lot of attention with debates and analysis, even though it won’t happen until next year. Locally, however, we have a big day next Tuesday.

Who is elected in statewide races, races in counties and cities and referendum choices, will have an impact on you and your community for several years.

Many complain about the lack of quality leadership and then fail to take part in holding them accountable, replacing the bad ones and electing those who will take needed action. You may grow tired of the reminders about your need to get out and vote, but it’s because of the embarrassingly low percentage of registered voters who actually take the time to cast a ballot.

Consider This:

Imagine if this announcement was to remind you to not show up because you will not be allowed to vote because of your age, you race, your sex or your religion. I bet there would be much more interest in the election process. Well, that was once the case.

Think about the hardship faced by so many, the protests, the violence, the very lives lost, to win your right to vote. Honor their sacrifice and show up to make your voices heard. And if you’re not registered, make sure you sign up before the elections coming soon in 2016.

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