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CONSIDER THIS: Your Suggestions

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Last week I asked you to share your feedback on what you want to see happen now that statewide elections are over and Governor Bryant begins his second term. Many of you responded and here are a few of your suggestions.

The Jackson Parents Teachers Students Association would like to see Governor Bryant tackle corruption, including financial audits of contracts with the city of Jackson and inequality in public schools. The group says Jackson Public Schools fall short in many areas, especially competitive sports facilities, and that lack of opportunity leads to other issues for area youth.

On a similar topic Temekiah is concerned with fraud, especially fraud in education, and wants Governor Bryant to make that a priority. She says Jackson schools are far behind other schools in the metro even though the school district has one of the biggest budgets in the state. The state has announced new job creation, but she would like the Governor to do more to help create jobs in the inner city.

Mandy would like the Governor to work on creating a more diverse executive director team. She says the Governor’s appointments should better reflect the make-up of the state’s population.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your suggestions. What are your thoughts? Post your ideas at the Consider This section of 

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