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CONSIDER THIS: All Lives Matter

We have experienced quite a bit of tragedy over the past week with several people gunned down. Senseless? Yes, killing someone is senseless.

Howard Ballou, news anchor for WLBT, shared some powerful comments last week after Broderick Smith was killed while working at a local auto parts store. In case you missed his Facebook post here is a portion what he had to say: 

“He was only 36-years-old. He was a father. He was working, trying to make an honest wage to take care of his family. Police are looking for two suspects who were wearing hoodies and bandanas over their faces. COWARDS. My question? Where is the outrage? Where are the social activists with rallies and marches? Didn’t his life matter, also? It’s not a racial issue, so don’t go there. We have to STOP killing each other. There is no excuse. Pray for this man’s family; pray for our city AND while you’re praying, roll up your sleeves and take ACTION to bring this senseless violence to an end. Be a snitch if that’s what you want to call it. I don’t pretend to have answers, but I know WE have to do something.”

Then more tragedy… two women killed. Immediately it became about race. It’s a tragedy regardless of the color of the person’s skin. Rather than focusing on the race of the shooters or the victims, let’s focus on the problem and realize All Lives Matter and work together to stop this madness.

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