Give back on this Give Tuesday! - - Jackson, MS

Give back on this Give Tuesday!

If the holidays have put you in the giving spirit you're not alone!

Thousands of people worldwide are participating in the fourth annual "Giving Tuesday." "Giving Tuesday" is all about celebrating generosity and donating to worthwhile causes and organizations.

However, before you give money make sure it is going to a legit organization. Con artists will often create fake businesses and websites to fool you out of your cash. 

"They may change the name slightly, they steal stuff off the website, pictures and they may show children that are sick or animals in distress and those aren't real websites," says John O'Hara, the CEO for Better Business Bureau in Mississippi. 

To learn more about which organizations and charities are truly using your money and resources honestly check out 

You can also click on the following link to learn more about making wise donations.

Tweet about your giving today by using the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

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