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Hoverboards - a hot gift for the holidays. Too hot?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Motorized scooters are incredibly popular this Christmas season. Parents are snapping them up for their children and adults are buying into the fad as well, but some consumers are being warned that this particular Christmas present could actually explode. 

Here's the problem; One Louisiana family blames a newly purchased hoverboard for catching their house on fire. 

It reportedly happened as the battery was being charged.
And in our neighboring state of Alabama, there was a report of a hoverboard bursting into flames. .
The gadgets are considered "electric personal assistive mobility devices."
A shipping order provided by the family shows that the hoverboard came from a company called "Fit Turbo" and was ordered on Amazon.com.

So are you going to tell your customers to be careful? He said, "Wow Yes after that. I never would have expected it to get caught on fire like that you know."

 Most boards are bought online. 

One report indicates they can overheat if left plugged in after the batteries are fully recharged.

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