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FBI Special Agent in Charge discusses terror threats

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The San Bernardino shooting is now being investigated as an "act of terror". Investigators say an earlier case involved a Mississippi connection to ISIS.
The crime involved a young woman from Vicksburg and her boyfriend. Jaelyn Young and her boyfriend Muhammad Dakhlalla will go on trial in federal court in January. 

It was last February that the FBI director visited the Jackson FBI field office. At that time, he said there was an active investigation into international terrorism threats in all 50 states except for Alaska. That's since changed. There are now investigations in every state.

Special agent in charge at the Jackson FBI office Donald Alway said terrorist organizations have long used the internet to push propaganda and advertise their message.

"And now with groups such as ISIS, they are continually trying to reach in and identify potential individuals who could be subject to recruitment," noted Alway.

He pointed out that it's not always young people but that's what they frequently see.

"We wouldn't want to try and identify a profile, for lack of a better term, of who we think is at risk," said Alway. "Because quite honestly we don't know how expansive the messages from groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS are reaching."

As investigators, they try to find the balance between using online tools and the public's first amendment rights.

"They have a right and an expectation that they can go do legitimate research and educate themselves without somehow becoming on the radar and being a subject of a criminal investigation," added Alway.

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