Carjacking victim says accused attacker contacts her family from - - Jackson, MS

Carjacking victim says accused attacker contacts her family from jail via Facebook

Antonio Yates (Source: Hinds County) Antonio Yates (Source: Hinds County)
(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A victim of carjacking said her attacker is contacting her family and she wants it stopped. We talked to the victim about what's surfacing on social media.

Pamela Owens said, "In jail taking pictures. He has contacted my sister on Facebook. It's very scary because he is locked up and still has access to out here."

Victim Pamela Owens said Antonio Yates, who is listed as a Hinds County inmate, carjacked her back in March after the two broke off a relationship. Fearful for her life, Owens said Yates sent her sister a message on Facebook just this week while behind bars in Raymond.

Owens said, "Not knowing if he has had contact with anyone who has someone watching me who will do something to try and kidnap me or anything else to me. I have all kinds of thoughts that go through my head."

Feeling threatened by Yates' because she said he posts on social media, Owens showed us pictures on his Facebook page where she believes he is posting pictures from inside the detention center.

Owens said, "I feel very bad because you never know what's on his mind or what he might do at this point and time. I feel like he should have no contact with me or my family."

Right now Yates is locked up in the Hinds County Detention Center charged with carjacking and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Owens said, "I would like for them to get this under control because the inmates should not have access to us, the victim, or the victim's family."

We reached out to the Hinds County Sheriff's Office about the pictures posted on social media, but the sheriff's office did not have a comment.

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