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It has been more than a year since Jessica Chambers was burned alive. Broderick Smith was gunned down several weeks ago while he was at work. Jessica and Broderick are two of many cases that are unsolved. Someone knows something that could help.

The families of the people who are killed deserve answers. If this happened to someone in your family, wouldn’t you want someone to speak up?

Unfortunately, we can’t always count on people to just do the right thing. Financial rewards don’t always motivate someone to share information. And the snitch label seems to be more powerful. So what can we do to address this issue?

Consider This:

We can’t count on law enforcement to solve these crimes without our help. In Detroit, as part of a Crimestoppers push, churches throughout the city are placing signs on their lawns to encourage people to speak up.

We Speak Up is a campaign to encourage people to anonymously share information and empower everyone to make their neighborhoods, schools and communities safer. Whether it is We Speak Up, See Something/Say Something or See Something/Send Something. this type of ongoing campaign needs to happen in Jackson and across Mississippi.

Crime thrives in fear and silence. It’s time to come together and start Speaking Up. 

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