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Forest resident files lawsuit against Scott Co Sheriff, State Trooper and others

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Forest resident has filed an amended complaint, to a recently-filed civil lawsuit, in federal court against the Scott County Sheriff, five deputies, and a State Trooper. 

A press release, received from Clanton Legal Group, says Johnny Lee Brown filed an amended complaint on Monday, in a recently-filed civil rights lawsuit in federal court, alleging brazen police brutality and lawlessness on the part of the officers.

The defendants are Sheriff Mike Lee, Deputies Richard Gregory, Jody Stewart, Coty May, Michael Townsend, Hunter Wolf, Nurse Anna Earl, and Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper L. Harrison.

Brown says that he was "senselessly and criminally" beaten while he was handcuffed during an illegal detention and arrest at his home back in August.

The lawsuit further alleges that the officers illegally searched Brown’s home without a warrant; that Brown was illegally incarcerated for two days following the incident; that medical care was not provided during Brown’s incarceration for injuries that he sustained during the unlawful beating; and that he was eventually released without being charged for anything

The complaint says that Trooper L. Harrison stopped a car driven by Brown while turning into the driveway of his home.

Trooper Harrison issued Brown tickets for allegedly speeding and no proof of insurance and left. Five days later, Coty May, Michael Townsend, Hunter Wolf, and Trooper Harrison returned to Brown’s home, allegedly coaxed Brown outside, then dragged him across the ground, handcuffed, and beat him while his home was searched without a warrant or any demanding circumstances.

Brown says that after he was handcuffed, May grabbed him by his throat and violently slammed him to the ground, inuring his shoulder and arm. He says he then punched Brown in his side and stepped on his forearm with his boots.

The complaint further alleges that Deputy May assaulted Brown again after placing him in the back of the patrol car and moving the car to a less conspicuous area.

Brown was transported to the Scott County Jail where he requested medical treatment for injuries sustained during the beating, but treatment was denied.

Brown says he was held in jail for two days despite not having been charged with any crime, and he was not allowed to communicate with anyone outside of the jail.

The complaint says his vehicle was impounded on August 16 without warrant or cause. The next day, Lee and others allegedly returned to Brown's home and searched it yet again under the guise of a new but facially-invalid warrant.

Brown says he met with Stewart and another deputy who stated that the Sheriff’s Department had “made a mistake” and that it was that “rookie State Trooper” Harrison’s fault.

After his release on that day without any paperwork, Brown immediately went to the hospital for medical treatment where he was given an arm sling and medications for pain and swelling.

Brown also says that he was forced to pay $225 before he was allowed to get his illegally-impounded vehicle.

The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Jackson, alleges violations of Brown's First, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments.

The complaint includes allegations that those accused, individually and collectively, violated Mr. Brown’s constitutional rights of protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, the unlawful taking of property without due process of law, cruel and unusual punishment, as well as state law tort claims of assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Sheriff Mike Lee responded to the lawsuit, saying, "This is a frivolous law suit. All claims are false and we have investigated all claims made by Mr. Brown and found that everyone involved acted appropriately."

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