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Making A Difference: Forever Outdoors

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STARKVILLE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Rob Robinson donated a kidney. Now, you’d think that would be the happy ending of the story. But it was just the beginning of a vision that will end up helping lots of other folks.

Robinson is a firefighter in Starkville and he loves to hunt. That’s where this story starts, with a turkey hunt in Kansas.

One year I decided to take up turkey hunting and the second year I turkey hunted in Kansas I killed the state record turkey. It was number seven in the world at the time," said Robinson.

Rob kind of liked turkey hunting in Kansas and got permission from a Kansas landowner, Gil Alexander, to hunt on his property. Later Rob went back to the same land again and noticed something about Gil.

He was doing home dialysis when I was there," said Rob. When I left I stayed in contact with him and the following year I got tested and was a match and donated him a kidney that following November.

Needless to say Gil and Rob have become pretty close buddies over the kidney donation. And they have championed the cause of organ donation with Gil having come to Mississippi and Rob going all over with Gil.

Having a kidney has allowed Gil to get active again in his love for the outdoors, too. And that gave Rob and Gil an idea; why not work on some means to get other transplant recipients outdoors for an adventure. And not even limit it to that, but to wounded warriors and people who have disabilities. What they came up with is Forever Outdoors.

"I used to want to start a hunting business but I really don’t want to do it for money so, came up with the idea of Forever Outdoors where main mission is to promote organ donation," said Rob.

Probably the most tangible asset Forever Outdoors has right now is the idea, and a Face Book page. Gil helps set up hunts in Kansas, Rob takes folks all over the Deep South with mostly people who have been given another chance at life. They are the people Forever Outdoors wants to serve.

Rob gave Gil a kidney. Now they both are forever grateful enough to want to help Make A Difference for someone else.

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