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Walt's Look Around: The Grinch who gives back Christmas

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

There are many traditions associated with Christmas and the holidays that we do every year, and they have  an unusual one in Tupelo.

The Dr. Seuss story tells how the Grinch STOLE Christmas. Well, when the Grinch in Tupelo suits up and makes his appearances, he gives it back. And gets a little bit of it for himself, too.

Take a close look; because this will be the last time you will see Louis Armour in this story. He is about to become devoured in his Grinch costume, as he is many times during the holiday season, to go make yet another appearance as the grouchy old man of Christmas.

Louis started becoming the Grinch to go along with his daughter, Kristen when she would dress up as a reindeer and hand out candy to people at the mall. Choosing to be the Grinch came almost by default. Louis explained, “There aren’t a whole lot of Christmas characters that people recognize, but they do know the Grinch. So we decided on him.”

Louis’ Grinch character got very popular. And because of his popularity Louis and Kristen do way more than just going to the mall anymore. And this is an ordeal, too. You don’t just slip into a Grinch costume. It takes a couple of hours or more to get it all glued on.

And there’s more to it than meets the eye. Louis has to wear a cooling vest under it all in order to stay in there. And for what? They don’t charge to do this. Any admission to see them goes to the school or the organization that invited them.

So why do it? Why go through all of that trouble just to dress up to become someone else? Louis puts it this way, “It’s just great fun to be somebody else, to be something else.”

Well, that’s a part of why any actor acts, to be someone else. That’s what they get out of it. But the Grinch and daughter also get something more out of this, too.

“I mostly do it these days because my dad is real passionate about it," said Kristen. "I really like to see his face light up when all the kids are real excited. I always say that some of these kids in like the schools and stuff, they may never get to go to Disney World. Its’ nice to bring the character to life for those kids, one magical moment they can look back fondly of.”  

Giving kids a moment is why they do it. And this is the paycheck for Louis as the Grinch, walking into a school gym like this one at Mooreville Elementary for instance, and for few minutes talking the kids and the parents, too and transporting them from Mooreville to Whoville. And for Louis, for a few minutes at least, he really is the Grinch.

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