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Hit and run victim's family pleads for help

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Three days and no answers for the family of a hit and run victim. Family members identified that victim as 36-year-old Corwin Stewart. He was killed on Highway 80 Tuesday night, but police haven't released many details.

Police were called to the hit and run Tuesday around 8:30 pm on Highway 80 near Battlefield Park. Jackson Police say it was a dark colored vehicle that hit the man. It turns out the family hasn't received much more information than that.

"This is hard," said Corwin Stewart's sister Valencia Hazleton.

Stewart's sisters are trying to piece together what happened Tuesday night. 

"The guy that was with him took the police to his house and told some neighbors," noted Hazleton. "And the neighbors actually are the ones that contacted us."

It was nearly two hours after the accident that they got the call. Stewart had already died at the hospital by then. He didn't have any identification on him.

"Somebody had to remove his wallet off his body before the police and ambulance got there because we know he had it," added Hazleton. "We know he had it."

Stewart's sisters worry that too many parts of the story friends are telling seem out of the norm. They're told that he was at a barbecue at Battlefield Park before trying to cross Highway 80 toward the Dollar General.

"He had been to the barbecue but they said he was going to get food which was weird," said sister Rachel Holden.

"It was normal for him to be at the park," described Hazleton. "He came to the park quite often. But it really wasn't normal for him to be walking across the street to Dollar General that night."

Still, they think someone out there can help fill in the blanks.

"They hit him and kept going," said Hazleton. "And we want answers we just want to know the circumstances to get some kind of closure and peace of mind."

If you know anything about this hit and run, you're asked to call Jackson Police.

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