Two women arrested after smuggling contraband in condom at Parch - - Jackson, MS

Two women arrested after smuggling contraband in condom at Parchman

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Department of Corrections has a message for anyone trying to smuggle contraband into the prisons: No matter how creative you are, you are likely to be caught.

Take the case of two visitors recently using a condom to conceal contraband at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman during weekend visitation.

Stephanie Barber, 52, of Coldwater and Ashley Fitch, 30, of Senatobia were arrested after the condom was found in a restroom at Unit 25. The condom had contained a small amount of marijuana, 15 pills (Xanax, Subutex and Lorcet), a pair of ear buds and a SIM card.

Corrections investigators say using a condom to smuggle in contraband is unusual, but they are not surprised at what length people will go to provide inmates with illegal items.

Because of the ongoing investigation, they don’t want to release the identity of the inmate for whom the contraband was intended.

Barber and Fitch can no longer visit the prison and now have criminal charges. Each is charged with two counts of conspiracy and one count of introduction of a controlled substance into a correctional facility.

A conviction on either charge is a felony. A conviction for introducing contraband alone carries from three to 15 years in prison, a maximum $25,000 bond, or both.

The women were taken to the Sunflower County Jail and their bond was set at $8,000 each.

On Friday Barber had posted bond, but Fitch had not.

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