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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Boyd Street debacle

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You've heard e saying, "I wouldn't want that in my backyard."  Well, it's more than a saying for a WLBT viewer. He sent me an email asking for help from 3 On Your Side.

We aired amazing video posted on the Jackson Jambalaya blog site. We're used it with their permission.  A dilapidated house on Boyd Street in the historic Belhaven Heights neighborhood of Jackson, caught on video, literally on its last legs or more accurately, last beams; crumbling to the ground.

Part of the house on 808 Boyd Street ended up in the backyard of 901 Jefferson Street; the 100-year-old family home of 63-year-old Sydney Mack. 

"It collapsed on August 26th,"said Mack. "Well, here we are 3-and-half-months later and it's the same."

The decrepit and neglected house on Boyd Street was a matured tax sale and Mack said the owners told him they generally leave it to the city to tear down and clear, so Mack said he started calling.

"First I talked to historic district; then I talked to code enforcement; then I talked to the councilman's office," Mack told Three On Your Side. "Since then, I've talked to the people whose tax sale have matured and to date, you see what's behind me. Nothing's been done."

Mack said he is trying to restore his family's historic home and he just wants the unwelcome intrusion removed from his property, no matter who does it.

"Thank you, Howard, appreciate 3 On Your Side," said Mack.

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