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CONSIDER THIS: Red Blue Review - Thank You

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This week marked the final edition of Red Blue Review and I want to thank Andy Taggart and Jere Nash for sharing their perspective on all things political over the past eight years. Not only did they share that opinion, but they shared it in a respective way.

Today it is common for people to only watch, listen and read opinions that reflect their own beliefs. Recognizing and respecting differing opinions is happening less frequently and it seems confrontation and criticism is more important than actually accomplishing something.

Consider This:

Andy and Jere showed us the right way to handle political debate. In fact, Andy says it best:  “People can disagree about important issues, even emotionally important issues and even disagree very strongly about those issues and still be friends and have dinner when it’s over with. And if we’ve been able to do that with our sons and perhaps even to a lesser degree with our viewing audience then we’ll consider this a success.”

Thank you for setting an example for your boys and for all of us. Now that you have a little extra time in your schedule maybe you could make a trip to DC and teach those folks a thing or two. They could certainly use it. 

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