Active shooter training tests officers' responses - - Jackson, MS

Active shooter training tests officers' responses

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Gunman opening fire, injuring and killing civilians, is too often in the news. 

When that happens, law enforcement gets the call first.  

Metro area officers are training in Jackson to meet the threat head on. It's called active shooter training.
It's late afternoon and an unknown man is pointing a handgun in the face of a faculty member.

"I'll kill you, I'll kill you," said the gun wielding stranger.

This begins a hostage's nightmare, an active shooter in a building. In this scenario, bullets fly in the locker room of a school gym. 

It's happening inside the Jackson Police Training Academy. Shots are fired, victims scream and those wearing the badge enter the unknown.

"It's not if this situation is gonna happen, it's when," said JPD District Commander Duane Odom.

Jackson Police SWAT Commander Steve McDonald,  District Commander Duane Odom and Commander of the Mayor's Dignitary Unit Torrence Mayfield are here to take out the threat.

"We're coming," said JPD SWAT Commander Steve McDonald. "This training helps us to adjust and be able to try to handle these situations with minimum amount of manpower needed to stop the threat".
Law enforcement agencies across the Jackson metro area are taking part in the active shooter training.

"What we have to do is neutralize the target, trying to minimize the amount of people that are injured or killed," said JPD Commander Duane Odom. "We have to train and train because when we are exposed to a situation like that, we fall back on our training. We have no time to think. we have to act".

The San Bernadino shootings and the discovery of a bomb last week at a Vicksburg school make these sessions crucial to public safety.

"We pay attention to theses things," added Commander McDonald. "We actually do research and the people that teach these classes, they do a lot of research. We're not coming into this cold." 

What police learn here and what a hostage does can be the difference between life and death.

"Run, hide, fight. If you see something, you need to call," said McDonald.
JPD's  Active shooter officer was scheduled in August, before the country's most recent attacks. Wednesday is the last day of the three day session.

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