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Wrong baby picked up at Jackson daycare

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By Brad McMullan

An alleged baby mix up at a well-known Jackson daycare has one parent looking for answers. 

A Mississippi woman claims she took her 4-month-old baby to a Jackson daycare. When she went to pick him up, he wasn't there.

"I showed up to pick up my baby and he wasn't there," said Claire Mayronne. "The teacher was holding another child and she said 'He's right here'. No that's not my child where is my child?"

Claire says employees at the Mother's Morning Out program at First Baptist Church in Jackson had mistaken her son for another child and sent her son, Luke, home with another child's grandmother.

"They let my baby leave with someone he was not suppose to leave with," said Claire.

To make matters worse for Claire, not only was her 4-month-old son now missing, according to her, no one was looking for him, because the daycare workers did not know they had mixed up the babies.

"I was obviously freaking out. I wanted to know where my child was. I wanted to know if he was ok," said Claire.

Twenty minutes later, Claire was reunited with Luke. 

"I just wanted to know how something like that happens," she said. "You drop your child off thinking that they are going to keep him safe and they are going." 

Claire filed a report with the Daycare Licensing Board and is now looking for a new daycare for her baby. She believes despite her anxiety and some trouble sleeping, things could have been far worse.

She is just happy Luke is safe.

We reached out to First Baptist Jackson for comment and while we're told they had improved security since the incident, all further comment must come from the church administrators office.

Later we were told that a mistake was made and they have apologized.

Claire tells us the daycare director has fired at least one employee after the incident.
Claire says, she hopes her story causes not only this daycare, but daycares across the state to re-evaluate their security and procedures, so that what happened to her, never happens again.
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