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Police investigate early morning auto break-ins

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson police are investigating ten auto burglaries in the Cedar Grove sub-division in South Jackson. The break-ins happened before dawn on Wednesday. 

Instead of hopping straight into her vehicle and driving to work right away Cedar Grove resident Gwendolyn Pittman had a big mess to clean up Wednesday morning. Pittman was not the only victim of an auto break-in.

Blue lights from Jackson police squad cars filled the neighborhood as officers investigated multiple tampered vehicles. Pittman says her vehicle and home have been broken into at Cedar Grove about six times now.

"I've been told by police to leave a vehicle out so they won't take a chance on coming in on you. So I'm trying to be proactive about the situation and in reality I'm in a loose loose situation," says Pittman.

Pittman's sister Susie Williams lives in the neighborhood as well. 

"I lived up the street. They jimmied the door came on in and took everything that they wanted," says Williams. 

It's to the point where Williams' brother, Lonnie Pittman who is armed, watches her children as they walk to the bus stop.

 "I feel safe because I feel like I have to take matters into my own hands," says Lonnie.  

Pittman's mom Gwendolyn Hornesmith believes Judges need to set higher bails for criminals. In the meantime Hornesmith feels her family has to protect themselves. 

"We should be posting up and when we hear a sound and we see something like this happen, just lay them out," says Hornesmith.  

At this time no suspects are in custody.

Authorities say belongings like purses and electronic devices left in your vehicle will make you a potential victim for an auto burglary. 

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