Pecan supply is low and making prices high - - Jackson, MS

Pecan supply is low and making prices high

RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you're nuts about pecans this time of year, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for them.

"Most growers are having to charge more for the nuts that are quality to make up for the lack of nuts to even out their revenue stream," explained Max Draughan, owner of Bass Pecan Company.

Max Draughan is also the president of the Mississippi Pecan Growers Association. He says Mother Nature messed with this year's harvest across the region.

"In the spring it was way too wet," Draughan described. "It rained a large number of days and affected the pollination of the trees. As we move forward into the year, starting in June it became very dry and didn't rain at all through the end of October in most of the state; caused a lot of the nuts that were on the tree to fall off."

Pecans in the shell are going for 20-25 percent higher. Shelled ones 10-15 percent higher.

"There has been some sticker shock with the prices being higher, but it's simply a supply and demand issue in that there are a lack of nuts or a lack of quality nuts," he said.

A high demand but low supply has left growers in central Mississippi selling some of their pecans to growers farther south. But Draughan is already working with about half of his usual harvest.

"We're trying to help those growers out who are retailed to have some nuts," he added. "And to have of our own. So we're going to run out a little earlier than normal."

Something to note, the pecans are on the trees for six months but the selling season is very short at about 60 to 90 days. That lines right up with the holidays.

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