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Check your charity before giving

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Are you thinking about donating to a charity before year's end? If so, try to read the fine print first.

The Kids Wish Network is a legal charity. But according to the Better Business Bureau, only 2.5 percent of its proceeds go toward helping people.

That means if you donate $100, only $2.50 of that will be set aside to help grant a child's wish. 

The Cancer Fund of America is not the same as the American Cancer Society, and only 1 percent of its proceeds go toward direct aid. 

The International Union of Police Associations AFL-CIO? We've heard that term before.

But if you give just half a percent of your money will go toward direct aid, according to the BBB. 

"What happens is, they pay solicitors to raise funds and very little of that money, sometimes less than 1 percent, goes to the actual program," says John O'Hara, President of the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. 

This goes for individuals who want to give and for businesses that want to chart a few more tax write-offs before year's end.

John O'Hara, President of Mississippi's Better Business Bureau, suggests doing a little research and visiting before clicking that donate button. 

"We have charity reviews. Mississippi has 43 charities that are accredited by the BBB where at least 65 percent of the money collected needs to go to the program," O'Hara says.

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