Republican party chairman discusses potential supermajority in t - - Jackson, MS

Republican party chairman discusses potential supermajority in the House

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Democrat drew the long straw in a Mississippi House tiebreaker last month. Five-term incumbent Bo Eaton is trying to hold onto his seat. But Republicans would be pushed over the edge to a supermajority if his challenger Mark Tullos gets a victory.

"Symbolically obviously it would be important," explained Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef. "But I think the elections were symbolic enough, regardless quite frankly whether we get it or not."

Nosef noted that Mississippi's not always been a "red state" as some might think. He says it wasn't all that long ago that most of the statewide elected officials were Democrats. That puts the idea of a GOP supermajority as a game change in a new light.

"It could make a critical difference," Nosef said. "I think we've seen in the past couple of sessions a bill that needed a 3/5 vote not pass because we didn't have literally 3/5 vote among Republicans."

Bo Eaton's attorney filed papers Friday. It's his response to the petition filed by Tullos. In it,attorney John Corlew points out that no fraud or intentional wrongdoing is alleged in the petition. He also argues that the nine votes in question were properly counted and Eaton should be certified as the winner.
Eaton himself is confident he'll end up with a victory.

"I have a lot of Republican friends. I have a lot of Democratic friends. And I think I will be treated fair."

A committee appointed by House Speaker Phillip Gunn will sort through the specifics of the election dispute and determine who they'll seat as the winner.
That will happen in January when the Legislature returns to Jackson.

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