Day after Christmas deals draws large crowd to shopping malls - - Jackson, MS

Day after Christmas deals draws large crowd to shopping malls

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

‘Tis the season to shop, shop, shop and that was evident at majority of the malls in the metro area. Next to Black Friday, After Christmas is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 

Instead of spending the day after Christmas relaxing, thousands of folks walked off those big holiday meals shopping at the Outlets of Mississippi in Pearl.

“It has been a little hectic, but I found what I needed,” said shopper Gary Wilson: 

“We have been to Converse, Coach, Michael Kors,” said another shopper.

Speaking of Michael Kors, there was a waiting line outside the door a good part of the day.

“It is crazy.  [I waited] like 45 minutes,” said a shopper.

Many customers say while they enjoy the exclusiveness of Black Friday, the deals seem to be much better the day after Christmas. 

“They are trying to get the stock off the market to get new stuff in is what we have been told,” said a shopper.

“I do most of mine online anyway, but Black Friday is a madhouse,” said Wilson.

The Girlie Boutique's employees agree.

“Black Friday, it was like everyone was in here at once. Now it is like a continuous flow, especially with lower prices,” said employee Kaci Calhoun.

The owner of Sports Nation said it’s the total opposite for his store.

“We actually do more on Black Friday then after Christmas. After Christmas is more of I wanted this and they didn't have it and I can get it now,” said owner Kevin Akers.

 Akers said it's still been a good day with some good deals.

“It is very important for retailers, so it can keep you going and get you through the New Year and those slower times,” said Akers.

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