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Jackson City Council declines pushing resort status for some businesses

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Tuesday the Jackson city council declined to take a step forward in pushing a resort area status for certain businesses in downtown Jackson.

The council set aside any motions on a proposed entertainment and resort status.This would allow some businesses to stay open 24 hours and ease restrictions on serving alcohol.
This comes after owners of the Ole Tavern Inn, formerly George Street Grocery, appealed for the eatery and bar to be included.

"We got verbiage that we might not be included in some stuff that might help grow our business. We are just asking that we get in," said Jason Cockrell, owner of Ole Tavern Inn.

"Even it would be kinda business suicide if we weren't included in that because we felt like we have we should be on an even playing field with all the businesses that are here in downtown Jackson," added Shannon Cockrell, owner of Old Tavern.

Council members suggested they would hold a public hearing on the resort status proposal in the future before submitting business applications to the state for approval.

The city council approved an agreement with Hinds County to purchase the Motorola radio system with E-911 funds.  

This followed lengthy debate that the current radio system is outdated and cannot be maintained.

"When an officer was on a call and needed some assistance, keyed his radio and was not able to get through to the dispatch. Obviously that represents a very serious safety issue and we were looking to eliminate that as soon as possible," added Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance.

According to a Motorola representative, their will be no capital expenditure to the city for the radio upgrades.

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