Tougher gun laws may be a reality - - Jackson, MS

Tougher gun laws may be a reality

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The President is expected to announce an executive action on guns.

Media reports indicate Obama's goal is to expand background checks for anyone wanting to buy a gun. 

We talked with the owner of a popular gun shop about the highly controversial issue.   

Described as "imminent," the set of executive actions is reportedly the president's move to help curb gun deaths and mass shootings.  

Meanwhile national reports indicate gun control advocates are expecting the new actions to be revealed next week.
We went to Van's Sporting Goods store in Brandon.  Lots of guns are sold there.

The owner, Van Allen said Thursday, "If I sell this gun without filling this form out, I lose my license, I go to prison." 

Van Allen is talking about the firearms transaction record for over the counter gun sales. Everyone must sign it to purchase a weapon from a dealer.

It's immediately submitted and checked for criminal backgrounds before the weapon is sold. 

According to Allen, "If they don't pass it they don't get the gun. I think background checks are very important, that way if he's a convicted felon, it's on record and he doesn't get a gun."

Many say the focus remains on the so-called "gun show loophole...which allows certain sellers at shows or elsewhere to avoid these background checks. 
When it comes to the president expanding background checks, Allen draws the line.

He said,  "If you do a background check on every gun,  what if a man wants to give his son a gun, ya know. Where are we going to stop on this, and if the government has a tendency once they get one law a little tough, then they want to do something else and something else."

White House spokesman Eric Schultz has reportedly told the media  Obama was "expressing urgency" for a list of steps he can take on his own after high-profile incidents of gun violence at the end of this year.


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