Here are the issues to watch for in the 2016 legislative session - - Jackson, MS

Here are the issues to watch for in the 2016 legislative session

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A new year means new state laws. 

Lawmakers are gearing up to start the new year at the Capitol. Because this will be the first day of a new term, the legislative session will be a month longer.

One issue expect to come up is the state flag fight. We've seen jabs made from both sides in the last six months.

But lawmakers weren't here to work on any kind of change.

Speaker Philip Gunn was the first Republican member of the leadership to speak out against the flag.

"I voiced my opinion on the flag," explained Speaker Philip Gunn in July. "But again as I said here today, that's not the issue for today. There's nothing we can do about it. It's not legislative issue. We're not in session."

It's already been made clear that not all of the leadership will be on board for change.

"The majority of the people voted for that to be the state flag," said Governor Phil Bryant in October.

Another button pusher will be education. As you'll remember, the education funding Initiative 42 failed in November. Supporters have said they won't give up the fight.

"It's not the last time that the good folks of the state of Mississippi will seek to make some change for their public schools," noted supporter Patsy Brumfield.

And the Lt. Governor has said they'll keep looking at ways to improve funding.

"It is that passion for improved educational outcomes that we need to all get on the same page and push for," noted Reeves after the election.

Competing tax cut proposals were announced during last year's session. The legislative black caucus has said its concern is that Republicans will try again to get tax cuts passed, particularly phasing out the corporate franchise tax.

The legislative session begins January 5 at noon.

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