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Vicksburg residents, businesses prepare for flood

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Vicksburg residents are packing up before major flooding is expected in coming days.

One by one appliances were moved out of houses as River City residents prepared for major flooding.

S.L. Caldwell said, "The way they talk the water is going to get pretty high, so they are getting out before it gets them."

The Mississippi River is expected to crest January 15th in Vicksburg. As longtime resident S.L. Caldwell helped his friend move from low lying areas, he said being prepared and obeying recommendations is key to staying safe.

Caldwell said, "Recommended by the city to get out so they wouldn't get caught in the water."

Old Depot Museum Director David Benway said, "Railroad we had set up that we had. There was another part of it right here you can see we had to take down."

Once full of artifacts, the Old Depot Museum Director David Benway said he is now forced to pack every piece up and move it to safe ground.

Benway added, "It's just heartbreaking. All of our rolling stock was up on the wall. We had pictures everywhere. At the end is a railroad that we had to start tearing apart."

Benway said the non profit opened its doors right after the big flood in 2011.

Benway said, "We had just finished working on the walls, the floors, and the ceilings when the flood came. We waited another four months after that so the contractor could fix it. When we moved in that was supposed to be the 100 year flood, not anymore in our lifetime. Well, here we are."

Caldwell added, "He's just moving on out. He's being obedient. Getting out before it gets too late."

As preparations continued to be made Mayor George Flaggs said the city will declare a state of emergency Monday morning at 10 a.m. during the board meeting.


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