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Yazoo County residents brace for Mississippi River flooding

YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As the Yazoo River swelled Saturday, Michelle Carter with the help of her family and friends didn't waste any time moving her mom out of harm's way.

“We are moving her out of here because we don't know what the Yazoo River is going to do,” said Carter.

She still thinks back to Mississippi River Flood of 2011 that pushed 22 inches of water in her mom's house and left a big mess.

“ It is just traumatic. When you are 71-years-old it is just too much to deal with,” said Carter.

Flood waters also rushed through neighbor Ross Nesbit’s home that year.

“We lost a lot of time, effort, and a lot of money, said Nesbit.

Nesbit said raised his home has been elevated to prevent that from happening again. He is also plans to move everything from under his carport to higher ground.

“The experts, they don't really know how much water we are going to get, they only know it is coming.  It is either be prepared or lose, one of the two,” said Nesbit.

Emergency Management Director Jack Willingham agrees. He said the Yazoo River sits at 27 feet now. It is expected to crest at 34.5 feet, which is more than five feet above the flood stage.

“It is probably about four communities starting with the Carter community to the Wolf Lake Community, to the Holly Bluff, Satartia Community.  It is probably going to affect about 500 to 700 people in these area. A lot of this land is agricultural and farm land, which at this time farmers have been moving equipment, moving tanks out and trying to prepare, so they can make sure they don't lose any more than they have to during this flood,” said Willingham.

The county will begin handing out sandbags Monday. Residents can expect to see flooding late next week.

“A flood is going to come and it is not much we can do to stop it.  It is important everybody knows it is coming, so we can have time to prepare and prepare while we have time,” said Willingham.

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