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Flashlight in the face causes driver to run off interstate

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BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Hinds County man's New Year's Eve almost turned into a nightmare when he was traveling the interstate with his son.

Jahred Sanborn said a dangerous encounter jeopardized his life and the life of his young son.

According to the Byram resident, a motorist temporarily blinded him with a flashlight while he was driving on I-20 West between Highway 475 and Pearson Road in Pearl Friday.

The 38-year-old said his five year old son was strapped in the car seat in the back when a white Honda Accord Coupe was following closely behind him.

Sanborn was driving his girlfriend's 2007 Ford Tauras when he said he sped up to 70 miles per hour to get away from the vehicle.

He said the driver flashed a light into his car, then got ahead of him and slammed on brakes, causing him to run off the roadway and hit a sign.

"When he pulled up beside me I was looking at the car trying to think of what was going on because he had followed so close to me until I accelerated. Once I got through the curve, and so Iooked over and right when I looked over he did this with a bright light," said Sanborn.

Pearl Police Captain Brian McCarty said Sanborn gave a different account to the responding officer and did not include information about being blinded by the flashlight.

McGairty said Sanborn was changing a tire when police arrived and stated that the vehicle ahead of him slammed on brakes causing him to run off the road.

Sanborn nor his son were injured.

He gave a vehicle description and tag number to the officer that police say did not match.

The Hinds County resident estimates the damages are around $4,000.00. 

Sanborn plans to follow up with Pearl Police in hopes that no other motorists have this dangerous encounter.

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