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Ridgeland Police Chief responds to Stokes' comments

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal says that Stokes' comments that "rocks, bricks and bottles" should be thrown at police that chase suspects into Jackson were out of line. 

His full statement below:

"These comments from an elected government official toward the entire law enforcement community were completely out of line and unwarranted.  The City of Jackson Police Department and the Ridgeland Police Department have always had and will continue to have an excellent working relationship.  The bond between departments will not suffer because of the comments made by a councilman who suggest the solution to his perceived problem is by creating violence.

The Ridgeland Police Department has a strict vehicular pursuit policy with guidelines in place for determining the decision to continue a pursuit, whether it remains confined to our jurisdiction or into an adjacent community.  Many factors come into consideration when engaging in these law enforcement duties, with the primary factor being the actions of the violator.  These vehicular pursuits would be non-existent if not for the actions of a criminal violator who places the law enforcement officer in the position of having to make the determination on continued pursuit. 

The members of the Ridgeland Police Department have taken an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Mississippi and ordinances of the City of Ridgeland.  These officers take the oath of office seriously and we have and will continue to protect the citizens of Ridgeland, the business and property owners of this city as well as the people who visit our city.  We will not allow our community to be victimized by criminals, whether from within our own city or violators from the surrounding area."

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