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Hinds County Judge Rules In Favor of Former J-Settes

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Hinds County Judge has ruled in favor of six former members of the Prancing J-settes of Jackson State University.

Judge Jeff Weill says the students should be permitted to return to the dance squad and a decision by administrators barring them from future participation should be lifted.   In his order he also says the students should continue to receive scholarships associated with the dance team, and a 300 dollar fine  cleared from their student accounts. 

The students have been fighting to stay on the squad since August after a claim of hazing.  Weill also said the six former members should return to the squad for this academic year but the students should undergo the same try-out procedures for further participation. 

The ruling also states there was no documentation on the specific allegations and no testimony from the former J-sette who made the allegation of hazing during disciplinary proceedings.

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