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Why is the Mississippi River flooding so early and could it get even worse?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Typically, you can count on the Mississippi River to rise every year.  

The river owes this to the winter snow that falls across the upper Midwest. This snow melts as temperatures begin warming.  

The excess run-off flows into streams, which continue toward emptying into the Mississippi River.  

Thanks to snow, you can count on the river rising almost every year, in the spring.  

This year is different. In the last 30 days, some 2 to 6 times the normal amount of rain has fallen in areas that typical see snow and store that moisture all winter long.  

The excess rainfall has fallen in such a short period of time that the run-off has led to rapid rise of the Mississippi River downstream around here months ahead of schedule.  

If luck is on our side, there won't be much snow in the coming weeks in the upper Midwest.  

We don't much rain either for that matter as that leads to rapid run-off.  

However, if winter decides to show up, a series of snow storms could send the Mississippi River even higher into the spring as that snow eventually begins to melt.

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