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2016 legislative session gets underway

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The first day of the legislative session is a lot like the first day of school. There are lots of introductions, formalities and a review of the rules. The State Capitol was crowded with family members and guests watching as all the Representatives and Senators were sworn in.

The Republicans could still end up with a super majority in the House. District 79 race was tied and a committee will be examining the details of how to proceed this week. Both Republicans and Democrats weighed in on what a super majority would mean to them.

“It'll have an important role in making things move more quickly, more smoothly,” explained Rep. Andy Gipson-R, District 77.

“The minority will just have to cry from the wilderness and maintain our passion and maintain our perspective and do the best we can do,” noted Rep. Steve Holland-D, District 16.

The number two in charge in the Senate will be Senator Terry Burton. Here was his call to action to his colleagues Tuesday.

“You might not win the day but you will win the year, if we continue to work together to make things better for the state by reaching consensus,” new Senate President Pro-Tempore Terry Burton-R said.

Although it was only a formality, Philip Gunn took the oath again to be Speaker of the House. The dirty work won’t start for a few days. In fact, committees and chairman haven’t even been designated yet since it’s the first year of a new term.

As a reminder, some of the topics to watch this session are: education, tax cuts, highway funding and the state flag. But will keep a close sign make sure that there aren't any surprises developments.

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