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Consider This: Work Together to Reduce Crime

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Several weeks ago I complimented Kenneth Stokes for encouraging people to end the code of silence and speak up when they have information that could help solve a crime. He is right, people should speak up. Now, however, Councilman Stokes is encouraging people to throw things at police. I think the word dichotomy best describes that unusual way of thinking.

Fortunately, his comments most likely don’t represent the beliefs of the majority of the people in Jackson. Unfortunately, because his comments are so outlandish he gets a lot of attention. Jackson leaders, with a few exceptions, have done a poor job speaking up and denouncing him and his crazy suggestion. City leaders, do you really want that perspective to be the perception of your city?

Consider This:

When you get past the absurdity of the comment, it really comes down to dealing with crime. And Jackson has a serious issue with crime. Rather than criticizing police for trying to catch the criminals, even if they have to cross county borders, how about working together to reduce the overall crime? That would probably result in a much better outcome than encouraging people to throw rocks, bricks and bottles.

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