Vicksburg: Residents in low lying areas urged to evacuate - - Jackson, MS

Vicksburg: Residents in low lying areas urged to evacuate

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi River in Vicksburg is now more than 45 and a half feet.

 Emergency officials in the area say they're well prepared for the rising water, but  continue to urge residents in low lying areas to get out before it's too late.

People have already started to evacuate their homes in the Kings neighborhood. As the water continues to rise more streets like this will quickly become impassable. 

John Jones, Vicksburg resident  "Its rough on a lot of people. Moving, coming back, moving coming back." 

John Jones is one of many Vicksburg residents living in areas where roads are blocked off and  water is nearly covering mailboxes and stop signs. Emergency officials watching the water rise met Wednesday to discuss their number one priority...

sot Mayor George Flaggs, Mayor of Vicksburg
"the most important thing is that we don't lose any lives." 

Jewell: One person drowned during the flood in 2011. Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong says... 

Sot Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong
"if you cannot see the road then by all means don't drive in it and certainly don't walk in it."

Jewell: Over the next several days police will block off several streets in neighborhoods, like the Kings community. Once barricades are up no one will have access. 

Sot Chief Armstrong  "We're not going to be allowing people to access these properties by way off boat or otherwise because at that point in time we're not going to know who owns what property." 

Jewell: Jones has been evacuating from floods since 1973 BUT isn't sure where he's going to ride this one out.

Jones "I'm trying to get some help from somebody, anybody I can get some help from. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time."

Jewell: Officials say if you do have to evacuate your home make sure you take your valuables with you.

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