Work or training now a requirement for single SNAP recipients - - Jackson, MS

Work or training now a requirement for single SNAP recipients

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Get a job or start training for one if you want to keep getting benefits. That's the message to single adults receiving SNAP benefits.It's a nationwide change.

The new 20 hour a week work requirement applies to SNAP recipients between the ages of 18-49 who are able to work.For many folks we asked, that seemed like a fair request.

"I think it's a good idea," said Marilyn Hill. "They should be made to at least try to work."

There are 67,000 Mississippians considered "able-bodied" into that category right now. But the Department of Human Services said they expect some will be able to file the new paperwork to show they have a job or are enrolled in job training.

"There are jobs out here," Hill added. "People say all the time they can't find a job and everywhere you go there are help wanted signs."

The reason this is happening is because the stimulus package allowed for the work requirement to be suspended in many states. But that part of the stimulus package has expired. Executive director of the Mississippi Public Policy Center Warren Yoder said thousands will be impacted.

"This will be a wave of people coming in asking for assistance saying what do I do," noted Yoder.

Yoder said it's not necessarily folks who aren't working at all.

"There are pretty big areas of the state that just haven't had the economic growth and young adults living there have a really difficult time finding even a half time job that will qualify them for this," explained Yoder.

If recipients don't meet the work requirement, their benefits will be cut off after three months.

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