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Powerball lures thousands across the river

DELTA, LA (Mississippi News Now) -

What would you do if you became an instant millionaire?

That question brought broad smiles to the faces of Powerball players Wednesday in Delta Louisiana where long lines formed handing over wads of cash for a chance at winning the $500 Million dollars.

"I could use a little extra spending change since I was a little short Christmas," said Plato Gee after purchasing his tickets.

The Jackson resident, like most of us, wouldn't mind having a late Christmas gift of $500 million dollars.

He was in line with hundreds at the Delta Louisiana convenience store purchasing tickets in the sixth largest Powerball Jackpot in history.

"I'd probably be able to take a few vacations, go to some warmer weather.Then turn around and go to some colder weather," said Gee.

The jackpot rose from $400 million dollars Saturday when no winner was drawn to $500 million Wednesday.

"My wife, she's been playing since 2011 and it's for my grandchildren and for my children and for a lot of  people," said John Henry of Yazoo City.

According to officials, 70 to 80% of Powerball winners let the computer to select their numbers.

Others choose their own with sentimental connections.

"I always pick myself. I feel like I could have some sort of control over it and if I lose, hey I lose but at least I'll have picked it," said Jeff Johnson of Brandon.

"I do both to better my chances," said Reginald Cotton of Yazoo City. "I let my family members pick them, my daughters and my wife."

"I'm just scared to pick them. It's kinds like, let them pick em. If I don't win it's their fault. If I pick them and I don't win, it's my fault," said Terry resident Lester Allen.

The cash payout in Wednesday's drawing is $306 million dollars.

In 2014 from February to November there were 14 Powerball winners taking home payouts ranging from $26 - $381 million dollars. 

"One of the things it would change by my mother not having to work anymore, but the other thing is being able to go places I never could before," said Kris Evans of Jackson.

Connie Dinkins said her generosity after winning would touch a whole city.

"I'm gonna fix the streets of Jackson. I need to win. I'm gonna fix the streets of Jackson. I'm gonna give yall that $23 million, and we're gonna be alright," said Dinkins of Jackson.

The winning powerball numbers are:
    2,11,47,62, 63 and the powerball is 17.

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