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Mississippi flood crest 1 week away

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Floodwaters are creeping into the Ford Subdivision in Vicksburg, as the crest is one week away.

Nearly 140 homes are in danger of flooding according to Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs.  

Resident Mary Freeman who lives in the southern part of the city said, "I heard it probably won't get this far but we can't trust that it did in 2011 so we've been checking on the water. I believe it's going to come pretty far."

She saw the flood water hit rooftops in 2011 and does not want to take any chances.

Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs said, "For those people who are not going to evacuate, we also are providing law enforcement coverage in all those areas to make certain they'll be safe and everything for the most part this is not their first flood, most are cooperating."

South of Vicksburg in Warren county, floodwaters are already lapping at both sides of LeTourneau road, with signs of the devastating flood of 2011 as a backdrop.  

Residents on Hartley road, who were forced out by floodwaters four years ago, are only expecting 2 feet of water on their streets this time around if the levee holds.

Greg Raimondo with the Corp Of Engineers said, "We have our flood fight teams out working with the levee board inspecting, looking for sand boils, seepage or any levee slides right now we have no hot spots. We learned a lot from the flood of 2011."

Officials with the National Weather Service say indicators put more precipitation than usual in our region and upriver this spring, which could lead to more flooding in the months ahead.

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