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CONSIDER THIS: Airport Oversight

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There is discussion about changing the oversight of the Jackson International airport by creating a new regional airport commission. There are many examples of successful regional authorities across the country and it is certainly something that might work here. The airport impacts the entire metro region, not just the city of Jackson, and a regional commission could provide leadership and perspective that results in more economic development, better amenities and more air service.

The existing structure has been in place a long time. In most any business conditions change over time and the business model needs to evolve. Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe not. Maybe the existing structure could be tweaked to add representatives from counties across the region.

However, before anything happens, there should be conversations with the current governing body and airport leadership to make sure a new authority would lead to a better operation and not be a step backwards.

I travel through the airport on a regular basis so I am very familiar with the operation. Just like any business, there are positive things and things that can be improved. I do know that Carl Newman, the new airport CEO, has a lot of experience working in much larger markets and he is having a positive impact on airport operations. Maybe giving him a little more time to fully implement his plan would calm the critics.

Just having this dialogue is a good thing. However, the decision should not be rushed. As I said earlier, there needs to be a lot of evaluation and discussion to make sure change would actually result in change for the better.

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