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Mississippi lottery hopefuls dream of millions

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
DELTA, LA (Mississippi News Now) -

The $900 million Powerball numbers have been announced and people are now checking their tickets hoping they are now instant millionaires. Today, many  Mississippians traveled to Louisiana where people waited for hours to get their hands on the winning ticket.

Lottery hopefuls spent their Saturday standing in long lines up to four hours at several convenience stores to buy a winning ticket.

“This is my first time playing Powerball and I am hopeful I win,” said Jackson Resident Karen Ransom.

Mississippi does not  participate in the lottery games, so many in the Magnolia State with Powerball fever  had to trek over to Delta, Louisiana. In fact, it was so busy Friday a road leading to this store had to be temporarily shut down.

“I drove like 45 to 60 miles and I was just driving on a high,” said Mississippi Resident Martha Banks said.

This is the largest Jackpot in United States history, soaring from $700 million Thursday to $900 million today due to increased sales. That's why lottery hopefuls said they had to come up with the best strategy to win.

“I was watching TV and it said you had a 75 percent chance of winning if you let the computer pick it for you,” said Mississippi Resident Jessie Killingsworth.

“You can also come with some numbers of your own like your birthday and how many children you have. It is not hard to pick the numbers,” said Banks.

The odds of winning the lottery are enormous. Ticket holders have a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning, but that is not stopping them from buying one, two three, four and more tickets.

“I bought 20 down the road and I am going to go ahead and buy 20 more,” said Killingsworth.

“I bought 20, I did,” said Ransom.

“As my mom says, it only takes one ticket, it only takes one winner, so I could be that one and that is why I am taking this chance,” said Banks.

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