Some have no place to go as flood waters rise - - Jackson, MS

Some have no place to go as flood waters rise

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's less than a week away from the Mississippi River's Vicksburg crest and tonight worry and frustration from those living near the water.

Fire and police have canvassed known flood areas warning residents to seek higher ground.

"I'm hoping it will be stopped some kind of way," said Donald Wardley who lives in a Vicksburg flood zone.

He is holding out hope that his Eva Street home in Waltersville Estates will not be affected by the rising river like in 2011 when two feet of water entered his mobile home.

Eva Street is close although flooding has not reached his street but has risen on the next street.

"But I'm getting tired of it though," said Wardley.

Dealing with the mighty Mississippi is frustrating for the more than 20 year resident.

"I really got no where to go really right now stationary for me to live at. See I'm on  a fixed income. I ain't going to be able to buy nowhere. I was hoping some way they could control this water from coming in here," added Wardley.

Many living in flood prone areas of Vicksburg have either packed up or are forced to remain.

While forecasters don't expect the levels to reach those of  2011, the waters are advancing.

Several streets, including Brown's Ally, Mary's Ally, LeTourneau, Williams and Pittman Roads, are already closed.

Sand bagging is completed at the old train dept and the wall is in place on Levee Street. 

"We do have some people that are displaced but at the time right now we don't per say have any open places as far as them going into to stay," said Vicksburg Fire Chief Charles Atkins.

Saturday the river stage at Vicksburg was 47.95 feet, nearly five feet above flood stage.

Waters rose 9/10ths of a foot in 24 hours.

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