Driver recounts incident where brick-wielding teens hit his van - - Jackson, MS

Driver recounts incident where brick-wielding teens hit his van

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Clinton man, showered with glass after a brick shattered his windshield Friday night on Interstate 20 in Jackson, said the incident happened in an instant.

"Cars in front of us slammed on brakes, and we slammed on brakes," Eric Brinkmann said. "About that time, something hit our front windshield."

At first, Brinkmann thought it might have been debris from an accident on the interstate.

"Glass hit the passenger in the vehicle. Glass hit me. [The brick] didn't come through, but it busted the glass on both sides," Brinkmann said.

Brinkmann's wife told him she saw someone on the side of the interstate.

Once they stopped, they realized what happened.

"Other cars had their side windows busted out. Went back to where it all happened and saw the bricks and rocks sitting on the side of the interstate," Brinkmann said.

Witnesses said about a dozen vehicles got hit by bricks, thrown by people standing on the newly constructed bridge that crosses South McRaven Road.

Some of those bricks are still sitting there.

Witnesses said police arrested three people that night who were hiding underneath that bridge.

"You're thinking that you're about to wreck, and then you find out that it was caused by somebody throwing stuff at vehicles, it -- I guess it's more anger [I feel]," Brinkmann said.

Jackson Police Officer Colendula Green said three juveniles, ranging in age from 14 to 15, each face eight counts of malicious mischief for throwing bricks Friday night.

Investigators would not say whether this is connected to Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes' statement last month, when he suggested throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at police chasing suspects into Jackson.

Still, Brinkmann said it's a strange coincidence.

"As a suggestion, I now have a busted windshield, so it's just kind of ironic, I guess you could say," Brinkmann said.

Brinkmann added that he hopes to find out whether he'll be reimbursed for the damages this week.

Green said the three juveniles could also face additional charges.

No one was injured in the incident.

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