Help for the needy as temperatures get colder - - Jackson, MS

Help for the needy as temperatures get colder

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Shelters in Jackson are helping keep dozens of homeless people warm during this bout with sub-freezing overnight temperatures.

Jackson's overflow shelter, the Stewpot "Opportunity Center," accommodated 42 people Sunday night.

It can hold up to 60 people, and it stays open 24-7 when temperatures get to freezing and below.

Manuel Sturghill says the Opportunity Center has not only kept him from the cold, but also helped him get into school.

“I'll just put it like this it’s a true Blessing, I didn't have to be outside and along with that I have an opportunity to go to school.

Through the my best program in fact we start out this morning, going to class this morning,” says Sturghill.

Here is a list of contact information for local shelters:

Stewpot Shelters:

Matt’s House:  343 Adelle Street, Jackson, MS, 601-948-2873

Flower’s Shelter:  355 Livingston Street, Jackson, MS, 601-949-9262, 

Brumfield Shelter: 1244 S. Gallatin Street, Jackson, MS, 601-948-2864

Opportunity Center: 845 W. Amite Street, Jackson, MS, 601-949-3540

Gateway Rescue Mission Shelter: 410 S. Gallatin Street, Jackson, MS, 601-944-0409

Salvation Army Center of Hope: 110 Presto Lane, Jackson, MS, 601-982-4881

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