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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Crisis on Catalina

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We're on your side in south Jackson, where a resident told WLBT she has been asking for help, with no success, for more than a year to get rid of nuisance properties right across the street from her.

In an email to me, Terri Byrd says she's called the Mayor's office, Community Improvement and Waste management and now she reaching out to WLBT.

We check it out in this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

Terri Byrd said, "When you all came out two years ago, the same thing that was here two years ago is still here today."

You heard Terri Byrd correctly. 3 On Your Side first checked out two nuisance properties on Catalina Circle in south Jackson almost 2-years ago....one of them a burned out shell...the other abandoned, dilapidated...littered with broken glass and other undesirables.

Byrd said, "Trash everything that's over there. Rats are running rampantly through here."

"We've had all sorts of problems with these two houses", she said. 

Byrd said she has called every city department and official she was told to call as a tax-paying Jackson citizen....by her estimate...more than 70 times.

Terri Byrd said, "They're always saying they're gonna send somebody out; they're in a meeting.They're talking about the houses right now; they're in a board meeting talking about the houses in question. Every time I call, they're talking about these houses."

A situation that is taking it's toll on Byrd and her neighbors.

"I'm very depressed. I'm very depressed, because of the situation that we have to live around. I'm very depressed; not only that, I don't have company to come over." said Byrd.

We shot this video on January 6th, 2016...just last Wednesday.

I came back today and noticed this posted on the building. It is a warning from the city of Jackson; a legal notice warning people that no trespassing is allowed and this structure will be demolished along with the other one. The date on it? Today...January 11, 2016.

I spoke with JPD Officer Colendula Green, who also represents Community Improvement. She said the eyesores on Catalina, 145 and 153, are at different stages in the demolition process. One of them has asbestos problems and the other is owned by the state of Mississippi. However, they will both be torn down. No word on how long that will take.

We will be following the progress on this and I will keep you posted.

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