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CONSIDER THIS: Lottery Fever Funds…Nothing Here

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Powerball lottery jackpot is now estimated to be 1.5 Billion dollars and Mississippians who want a chance to claim the record prize are streaming out of the state to purchase their tickets.

Mississippi joins Alabama, Alaska, Utah, Nevada and Hawaii on the list of states that don’t have a lottery. Many people think it’s great that the Magnolia state doesn’t participate in the lottery. They say it’s a moral issue, yet we have casinos and bingo parlors throughout the state. Others question why we don’t have a lottery and feel it could help fund education or help cover the costs of other services. In reality, funds collected from a lottery would be similar to a sin tax on cigarettes and alcohol, right?

Consider This:

People who want to buy a lottery ticket are going to find a way to make that happen. In some lottery states proceeds go to fund education and pay for college scholarships. Arkansas passed a lottery initiative in 2008 and they seem to be doing okay. With Initiative 42 failing maybe a state lottery could be the source to fund education here and afford more of our kids the opportunity to attend college. Rather than watching that money go to benefit neighboring states, we should keep it at home.

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