Some residents in the metro are reporting sightings of Big Foot - - Jackson, MS

Some residents in the metro are reporting sightings of Big Foot

source: WLBT source: WLBT
source: WLBT source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The search for Bigfoot is underway right here in central Mississippi.  

Producers of a national television program are on a quest in the woods of the magnolia state and they are looking for people here who believe they've had sightings.

"I can not verify that it was actually a Bigfoot. I can tell you it was not a deer. It was not a bear," said Cheryl Mitchell of Simpson county.

The 52 year old is an avid hunter and among about 300 people who attended Tuesday's "Finding Bigfoot Town hall" meeting.

That session was hosted by producers of the Animal Planet reality series.

In the early morning hours in winter 2014 Mitchell said she saw something, upright nearly eight feet tall, behind her barn that frightened her horses and dog.

"Tall dark, it was real dark and it stepped over our fence, not lept over our fence like a deer would. It stepped over the fence, took a step into the wood line and it was gone," said Mitchell.

The show is filming in the state and talking with residents with believed encounters.
"What we're hoping for is to find some sort of a pattern with sightings you know like hey they're happening this time of year. They're happening in this region. Something that will sort of lead us to the next step," said show Executive Producer Chad Hammel.

David Childers believes he saw Bigfoot in Vicksburg in August of 2014. Peyton Lassiter made a plaster cast of a footprint he found near there.

"I was at an abandoned playground down in Vicksburg, and I just looked to the right of me and something stood up," said Childers. "It was like a brownish reddish coat and it stood up about six, seven feet tall and then bolted off to the left."

Lassiter brought the footprint cast to show producers, who he has spoken with since making the find near the abandoned Vicksburg playground.

"In 1867 in Vicksburg in the Vicksburg Daily Herald at that time there was an article, a report of hunters that chased a seven foot tall ape as they described it across the river in Louisiana," said Lassiter.

Some attending the town hall meeting wanted autographs and pictures with the cast members.

While many came to meet people who have had the same unsettling experiences of seeing some strange non-human figure in the woods.

"I'm a very open minded skeptic. Can I say I went up and shook one's hand. No, but I'm open minded enough to know that there's the possibility of things still being there that we don't know about," added Mitchell.

The Mississippi episode of "Finding Bigfoot" is tentatively scheduled to air in May.

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