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Jackson City Council votes against outside police chases

source: WLBT source: WLBT
source: WLBT source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The City of Jackson passed several resolutions at its first council meeting of 2016. 

Some of the hot topics on the agenda Tuesday include a resolution opposing high speed chases in the city of Jackson by outside jurisdictions and Jackson's Airport Authority. 

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes introduced a resolution opposing police chases from other jurisdiction into Jackson. 

"These chases, you know it put people in danger and everybody I ask. Well we need to do something. Would you put your mother, your father, your children in danger," Stokes explained.

Stokes believes race is a factor when it comes to this issue and says his next action is to take the matter to the United States Attorney General's office. 

"We're going to keep dealing with the federal government letting them know the dangers dealing with these outside jurisdictions are putting citizens of this community in. It's not called for," he said.

Another hot button issue include attempts to take control of Jackson International Airport. 

"It's contract law, plain and simple. If you make an agreement stick with the agreement and I don't see where the state has made it's case as to why Jackson hasn't complied with the underline agreements that's related to the airport," said Melvin Priester, Jackson Council President.

Republican Senator Josh Harkins says he plans to introduce a bill that will allow the governor to appoint a seven person board
Jackson city council passed a resolution opposing this. 

"This is a power, money issue that I believe that the leaders of the state of Mississippi want to use their power to get more power in an airport system and they don't want to pay for it," De'Keither Stamps, Jackson City Council, Ward 4, explained.

 Council president Melvin Priester says the airport board has worked really hard to improve amenities and has also made attempts to get Southwest airlines back to Jackson.  He hopes that a solution can be made to benefit the entire state. 

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